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  • Betty Fairbank Griggs, originally from Ohio, studied at the School of Fine Arts of Yale University.  She resided for many years in Puerto Rico before relocating to Sarasota in 2002.  She divides her time between Sarasota and Verbier, Switzerland, and also travels extensively.  Many of her watercolors are in series, depicting subjects in such locations as Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Switzerland, Provence, Tuscany, Venice (Italy), Egypt, India, Thailand, Bali and China. They are strong, colorful and dramatic, and reflect her interest in the many parts of the world to which she has traveled. She has had numerous one-woman shows in Puerto Rico, Sarasota and Switzerland, and has also exhibited in Boston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Venice (Florida).  Her watercolors have won many awards, and hang in private collections in Puerto Rico, the United States and Europe.  She is presently establishing a web site through which she will offer both her original paintings and Giclées made from them. 

    What  Is  A  Giclée? Giclée (zhee-clay) is the closest reproduction that can be made of an art work. A Giclée is indistinguishable from the original. It is numbered to identify its provenance and the number of Giclées in the particular edition, and it has a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist attached to it.

    A Giclée is made by scanning the art work or photographing it with a digital camera and then printing the resulting digital image on high-quality acid-free paper in a high-resolution digital printer with permanent ink.

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